Dynamic Reteaming with Heidi Helfand
Roasting MarshmallowsNovember 02, 2021x
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Dynamic Reteaming with Heidi Helfand

Rolf Suurd
Rolf Suurd
  • How do you deal with team compositions during times of explosive growth?
  • Are you looking to spread knowledge across teams?
  • What metrics are out there to track team performance?

Ever since the dawn of humanity people had to work together and form teams in order to achieve a common goal. These goals could be something as vital as survival, but also, as civilizations were growing to build great structures, or in modern times, building awesome apps on your phone!

Like the times teams can and will, change as well. One would expect with all these years of teamwork that people would have gotten very good at adapting to these team changes.

Turns out, this is often not the case. Luckily for us, we are roasting marshmallows with Heidi Helfand, a software engineering leader with over 20 years of experience helping fast-growing companies double and triple in size. She wrote a book, Dynamic Reteaming, which details people-focused patterns and tactics to help companies thrive through hypergrowth.

She has helped launch Procore Technologies and AppFolio to IPO and Expertcity to acquisition by Citrix. She was on the original development team that built GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar.

She is currently VP of Engineering Growth at Kin Insurance, which offers affordable coverage to homeowners in catastrophe-prone regions.

She coaches software development teams using practical, people-focused techniques, with the goal of building resilient organizations as they experience rapid growth.

Heidi's website: https://www.heidihelfand.com

Heidi on twitter: https://twitter.com/heidihelfand

Get the book "Dynamic Reteaming" here: https://www.heidihelfand.com/dynamic-reteaming-book (Amazon)