Klarna organizational model with Mite Mitreski
Roasting MarshmallowsOctober 19, 2021x
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Klarna organizational model with Mite Mitreski

Rolf Suurd
Rolf Suurd
  • Are all your teams dependent on a few key persons calling the shots?
  • Is your organization as transparent as it can be to both employees and customers?

When serving millions of customers all over the world, a classic, top-down approach to decision making is not very scalable. This was the realization that the company our guest today works at made, and has since then reversed the chain of decision making to enable the teams to make the day to day decisions by themselves.

For the last few years he has been working as Engineering Director at Klarna where he helped build the Klarna Checkout, Klarna Payment, Merchant Card Services and other Klarna products that are used daily by millions. He is active in developing the engineering culture by being involved in the open source program, events organized by Klarna and the marketing activities that Klarna does from an engineering stand point.

We are roasting marshmallows with Mite Mitreski: Director, Trust center at Klarna. Mite talks about #fintech, #security, #incidentresponse, #engineeringmanager, and #softwareengineering

Mite on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mitemitreski

Mite's website: https://mitemitreski.com/

Mite on twitter: https://twitter.com/mitemitreski