LeSS is More with Viktor Grgic
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LeSS is More with Viktor Grgic

Rolf Suurd
Rolf Suurd
  • What is Large-Scale Scrum, aka LeSS?
  • Which rules does LeSS require you to follow?
  • Why should you adopt LeSS rather than plain old scrum for your teams?

After an earlier episode about SAFe, we felt it is only fair to put LeSS in the spotlight! While you cannot really compare the two, much like apples and oranges, they both promise to bring agility to the enterprise. Being a certified LeSS instructor, Viktor will show us how and why LeSS works for his clients.

Viktor is a Software developer, Agile Coach and Certified LeSS trainer with 17 years of experience in delivering enterprise systems and helping organizations with Agile transformations.

  • https://less.works/profiles/viktor-grgic
  • https://twitter.com/vgrgic
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/vgrgic/