Offshoring to the kitchen table with Rini van Solingen
Roasting MarshmallowsJanuary 25, 2022x
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Offshoring to the kitchen table with Rini van Solingen

Panche GashteovskiPanche GashteovskiGuest
  • How to stay engaged while working remote?
  • What can offshoring teach us when working remote? 
  • What are Rini's laws?

We are, when recording this podcast, in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The omikron variant is running rampant, so this means most of us are working from the kitchen table, or if you have the room, the home office again.

So, entire teams are working remote again, not physically meeting each other for an extended period of time. How do you make sure everything keeps running smooth? How do you make sure communication, coordination and control do not degrade due to increased distance of the team members?

Luckily, the software engineering industry has had decades of experience working with remote teams: near- and offshoring has been pretty common, and the lessons learnt from that can be applied to working from home.

To help us pin-point the takeaways from these lessons, we are roasting marshmallows with Rini van Solingen, speaker & author on speed and agility of people & organizations. Rini is a professor at Delft University of Technology, and he investigates how to make global teams hyper-productive and how to decrease the impact of distance in global software engineering.

Rini wrote several books, on topics about changing leadership, accelerating organizations, agile transformations and scrum.

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